Chapter 35: Formation of the Jury

Art. 35.01
Jurors Called
Art. 35.02
Sworn to Answer Questions
Art. 35.03
Art. 35.04
Claiming Exemption
Art. 35.05
Excused By Consent
Art. 35.06
Challenge to Array First Heard
Art. 35.07
Challenge to the Array
Art. 35.08
When Challenge Is Sustained
Art. 35.09
List of New Venire
Art. 35.10
Court to Try Qualifications
Art. 35.11
Preparation of List
Art. 35.12
Mode of Testing
Art. 35.13
Passing Juror for Challenge
Art. 35.14
A Peremptory Challenge
Art. 35.15
Number of Challenges
Art. 35.16
Reasons for Challenge for Cause
Art. 35.17
Voir Dire Examination
Art. 35.18
Other Evidence on Challenge
Art. 35.19
Absolute Disqualification
Art. 35.20
Names Called in Order
Art. 35.21
Judge to Decide Qualifications
Art. 35.22
Oath to Jury
Art. 35.23
Jurors May Separate
Art. 35.25
Making Peremptory Challenge
Art. 35.26
Lists Returned to Clerk
Art. 35.261
Peremptory Challenges Based on Race Prohibited
Art. 35.27
Reimbursement of Nonresident Witnesses
Art. 35.28
When No Clerk
Art. 35.29
Personal Information About Jurors