Chapter 36: The Trial Before the Jury

Art. 36.01
Order of Proceeding in Trial
Art. 36.02
Testimony at Any Time
Art. 36.03
Invocation of Rule
Art. 36.05
Not to Hear Testimony
Art. 36.06
Instructed By the Court
Art. 36.07
Order of Argument
Art. 36.08
Number of Arguments
Art. 36.09
Severance on Separate Indictments
Art. 36.10
Order of Trial
Art. 36.11
Discharge Before Verdict
Art. 36.12
Court May Commit
Art. 36.13
Jury Is Judge of Facts
Art. 36.14
Charge of Court
Art. 36.15
Requested Special Charges
Art. 36.16
Final Charge
Art. 36.17
Charge Certified By Judge
Art. 36.18
Jury May Take Charge
Art. 36.19
Review of Charge on Appeal
Art. 36.21
To Provide Jury Room
Art. 36.215
Recording of Jury Deliberations
Art. 36.22
Conversing with Jury
Art. 36.23
Violation of Preceding Article
Art. 36.24
Officer Shall Attend Jury
Art. 36.25
Written Evidence
Art. 36.26
Foreman of Jury
Art. 36.27
Jury May Communicate with Court
Art. 36.28
Jury May Have Witness Re-Examined Or Testimony Read
Art. 36.29
If a Juror Dies Or Becomes Disabled
Art. 36.30
Discharging Jury in Misdemeanor
Art. 36.31
Disagreement of Jury
Art. 36.32
Receipt of Verdict and Final Adjournment
Art. 36.33
Discharge Without Verdict