Chapter 37: The Verdict

Art. 37.01
Art. 37.02
Verdict By Nine Jurors
Art. 37.03
In County Court
Art. 37.04
When Jury Has Agreed
Art. 37.05
Polling the Jury
Art. 37.06
Presence of Defendant
Art. 37.07
Verdict Must Be General; Separate Hearing on Proper Punishment
Art. 37.071
Procedure in Capital Case
Art. 37.0711
Procedure in Capital Case for Offense Committed Before September 1, 1991
Art. 37.072
Procedure in Repeat Sex Offender Capital Case
Art. 37.073
Repayment of Rewards
Art. 37.073
Repayment of Rewards; Fines
Art. 37.08
Conviction of Lesser Included Offense
Art. 37.09
Lesser Included Offense
Art. 37.10
Informal Verdict
Art. 37.11
Defendants Tried Jointly
Art. 37.12
Judgment on Verdict
Art. 37.13
If Jury Believes Accused Insane
Art. 37.14
Acquittal of Higher Offense As Jeopardy