Chapter 38: Evidence in Criminal Actions

Art. 38.01
Texas Forensic Science Commission
Art. 38.02
Effect Under Public Information Law of Release of Certain Information
Art. 38.03
Presumption of Innocence
Art. 38.04
Jury Are Judges of Facts
Art. 38.05
Judge Shall Not Discuss Evidence
Art. 38.07
Testimony in Corroboration of Victim of Sexual Offense
Art. 38.071
Testimony of Child Who Is Victim of Offense
Art. 38.072
Hearsay Statement of Certain Abuse Victims
Art. 38.073
Testimony of Inmate Witnesses
Art. 38.074
Testimony of Child in Prosecution of Offense
Art. 38.075
Corroboration of Certain Testimony Required
Art. 38.076
Testimony of Forensic Analyst By Video Teleconference
Art. 38.08
Defendant May Testify
Art. 38.10
Exceptions to the Spousal Adverse Testimony Privilege
Art. 38.101
Communications By Drug Abusers
Art. 38.11
Journalist's Qualified Testimonial Privilege in Criminal Proceedings
Art. 38.111
News Media Recordings
Art. 38.12
Religious Opinion
Art. 38.14
Testimony of Accomplice
Art. 38.141
Testimony of Undercover Peace Officer Or Special Investigator
Art. 38.15
Two Witnesses in Treason
Art. 38.16
Evidence in Treason
Art. 38.17
Two Witnesses Required
Art. 38.18
Perjury and Aggravated Perjury
Art. 38.19
Intent to Defraud: Certain Offenses
Art. 38.20
Photograph and Live Lineup Identification Procedures
Art. 38.21
Art. 38.22
When Statements May Be Used
Art. 38.23
Evidence Not to Be Used
Art. 38.25
Written Part of Instrument Controls
Art. 38.27
Evidence of Handwriting
Art. 38.30
Art. 38.31
Interpreters for Deaf Persons
Art. 38.32
Presumption of Death
Art. 38.33
Preservation and Use of Evidence of Certain Misdemeanor Convictions
Art. 38.34
Photographic Evidence in Theft Cases
Art. 38.35
Forensic Analysis of Evidence; Admissibility
Art. 38.36
Evidence in Prosecutions for Murder
Art. 38.37
Evidence of Extraneous Offenses Or Acts
Art. 38.371
Evidence in Prosecution of Offense Committed Against Member of Defendant's Family Or Household Or Person in Dating Relationship with Defendant
Art. 38.38
Evidence Relating to Retaining Attorney
Art. 38.39
Evidence in an Aggregation Prosecution with Numerous Victims
Art. 38.40
Evidence of Pregnancy
Art. 38.41
Certificate of Analysis
Art. 38.42
Chain of Custody Affidavit
Art. 38.43
Evidence Containing Biological Material
Art. 38.44
Admissibility of Electronically Preserved Document
Art. 38.45
Evidence Depicting Or Describing Abuse of Or Sexual Conduct By Child Or Minor
Art. 38.451
Evidence Depicting Invasive Visual Recording of Child
Art. 38.46
Evidence in Prosecutions for Stalking
Art. 38.47
Evidence in Aggregation Prosecution for Fraud Or Theft Committed with Respect to Numerous Medicaid Or Medicare Recipients
Art. 38.471
Evidence in Prosecution for Exploitation of Child, Elderly Individual, Or Disabled Individual
Art. 38.48
Evidence in Prosecution for Tampering with Witness Or Prospective Witness Involving Family Violence
Art. 38.49
Forfeiture By Wrongdoing
Art. 38.50
Retention and Preservation of Toxicological Evidence of Certain Intoxication Offenses