Chapter 4: Courts and Criminal Jurisdiction

Art. 4.01
What Courts Have Criminal Jurisdiction
Art. 4.02
Existing Courts Continued
Art. 4.03
Courts of Appeals
Art. 4.04
Court of Criminal Appeals
Art. 4.05
Jurisdiction of District Courts
Art. 4.06
When Felony Includes Misdemeanor
Art. 4.07
Jurisdiction of County Courts
Art. 4.08
Appellate Jurisdiction of County Courts
Art. 4.09
Appeals from Inferior Court
Art. 4.10
To Forfeit Bail Bonds
Art. 4.11
Jurisdiction of Justice Courts
Art. 4.12
Misdemeanor Cases; Precinct in Which Defendant to Be Tried in Justice Court
Art. 4.13
Justice May Forfeit Bond
Art. 4.14
Jurisdiction of Municipal Court
Art. 4.15
May Sit at Any Time
Art. 4.16
Concurrent Jurisdiction
Art. 4.17
Transfer of Certain Misdemeanors
Art. 4.18
Claim of Underage
Art. 4.19
Transfer of Person Certified to Stand Trial As an Adult