Chapter 42: Judgment and Sentence

Art. 42.01
Art. 42.011
Judgment Affecting an Officer Or Jailer
Art. 42.012
Finding That Controlled Substance Used to Commit Offense
Art. 42.013
Finding of Family Violence
Art. 42.0131
Required Notice for Persons Convicted of Misdemeanors Involving Family Violence
Art. 42.014
Finding That Offense Was Committed Because of Bias Or Prejudice
Art. 42.015
Finding of Age of Victim
Art. 42.016
Special Driver's License Or Identification Requirements for Certain Sex Offenders
Art. 42.017
Finding Regarding Age-Based Offense
Art. 42.0175
Finding Regarding Certain Health Care Professionals; Notification
Art. 42.018
Notice Provided By Clerk of Court
Art. 42.0181
Notice of Theft, Fraud, Money Laundering, Or Insurance Fraud Provided By Clerk of Court
Art. 42.0182
Findings Regarding Tax Fraud
Art. 42.0183
Notice of Family Violence Offenses Provided By Clerk of Court
Art. 42.019
Motor Fuel Theft
Art. 42.0191
Finding Regarding Victims of Trafficking Or Other Abuse
Art. 42.0192
Finding Regarding Offense Related to Performance of Public Service
Art. 42.0193
Finding Regarding Offense Related to Conduct of Certain Corrections Employees
Art. 42.0196
Finding Regarding Offense Related to Performance of Public Service
Art. 42.0197
Finding Regarding Gang-Related Conduct
Art. 42.0198
Finding Regarding Delay in Arrest of Defendant
Art. 42.0199
Finding Regarding Diligent Participation Credit
Art. 42.02
Art. 42.023
Judge May Consider Alternative Sentencing
Art. 42.025
Sentencing Hearing at Secondary School
Art. 42.03
Pronouncing Sentence; Time; Credit for Time Spent in Jail Between Arrest and Sentence Or Pending Appeal
Art. 42.031
Work Release Program
Art. 42.032
Good Conduct
Art. 42.033
Sentence to Serve Time During Off-Work Hours
Art. 42.034
County Jail Work Release Program
Art. 42.035
Electronic Monitoring; House Arrest
Art. 42.036
Community Service
Art. 42.037
Art. 42.0371
Mandatory Restitution for Kidnapped Or Abducted Children
Art. 42.0372
Mandatory Restitution for Child Victims of Trafficking of Persons Or Compelling Prostitution
Art. 42.0373
Mandatory Restitution for Child Witness of Family Violence
Art. 42.038
Reimbursement for Confinement Expenses
Art. 42.039
Completion of Sentence in Federal Custody
Art. 42.04
Sentence When Appeal Is Taken
Art. 42.05
If Court Is About to Adjourn
Art. 42.07
Reasons to Prevent Sentence
Art. 42.08
Cumulative Or Concurrent Sentence
Art. 42.09
Commencement of Sentence; Status During Appeal; Pen Packet
Art. 42.10
Satisfaction of Judgment As in Misdemeanor Convictions
Art. 42.111
Deferral of Proceedings in Cases Appealed to County Court
Art. 42.122
[Adult Probation Officers of the 222nd Judicial District; Salary and Allowances ]
Art. 42.14
In Absence of Defendant
Art. 42.141
Battering Intervention and Prevention Program
Art. 42.15
Fines and Costs
Art. 42.151
Fees for Abused Children's Counseling
Art. 42.152
Repayment of Reward
Art. 42.16
On Other Judgment
Art. 42.17
Transfer Under Treaty
Art. 42.19
Interstate Corrections Compact
Art. 42.20
Art. 42.21
Notice of Release of Family Violence Offenders
Art. 42.22
Restitution Liens
Art. 42.23
Notification of Court of Family Violence Conviction
Art. 42.24
Prohibiting Contact with Victim