Chapter 44: Appeal and Writ of Error

Art. 44.01
Appeal By State
Art. 44.02
Defendant May Appeal
Art. 44.04
Bond Pending Appeal
Art. 44.041
Conditions in Lieu of Bond
Art. 44.07
Right of Appeal Not Abridged
Art. 44.10
Sheriff to Report Escape
Art. 44.12
Procedure As to Bail Pending Appeal
Art. 44.15
Appellate Court May Allow New Bond
Art. 44.16
Appeal Bond Given Within What Time
Art. 44.17
Appeal to County Court, How Conducted
Art. 44.18
Original Papers Sent Up
Art. 44.181
Defect in Complaint
Art. 44.19
Witnesses Not Again Summoned
Art. 44.20
Rules Governing Appeal Bonds
Art. 44.25
Cases Remanded
Art. 44.251
Reformation of Sentence in Capital Case
Art. 44.2511
Reformation of Sentence in Capital Case for Offense Committed Before September 1, 1991
Art. 44.28
When Misdemeanor Is Affirmed
Art. 44.281
Disposition of Fines and Costs When Misdemeanor Affirmed
Art. 44.2811
Records Relating to Children Convicted of Or Receiving Deferred Disposition for Fine-Only Misdemeanors
Art. 44.2811
Records Relating to Certain Fine-Only Misdemeanors Committed By a Child
Art. 44.2812
Confidential Records Related to Fine-Only Misdemeanor
Art. 44.29
Effect of Reversal
Art. 44.33
Hearing in Appellate Court
Art. 44.35
Bail Pending Habeas Corpus Appeal
Art. 44.39
Appellant Detained By Other Than Officer
Art. 44.41
Who Shall Take Bail Bond
Art. 44.42
Appeal on Forfeitures
Art. 44.43
Writ of Error
Art. 44.44
Rules in Forfeitures
Art. 44.45
Review By Court of Criminal Appeals
Art. 44.46
Reversal of Conviction on the Basis of Service on Jury By a Disqualified Juror