Chapter 6: Preventing Offenses By the Act of Magistrates and Other Officers; Education Concerning Consequences of Certain Offenses

Art. 6.01
When Magistrate Hears Threat
Art. 6.02
Threat to Take Life
Art. 6.03
On Attempt to Injure
Art. 6.04
May Compel Offender to Give Security
Art. 6.05
Duty of Peace Officer As to Threats
Art. 6.06
Peace Officer to Prevent Injury
Art. 6.07
Conduct of Peace Officer
Art. 6.08
Protective Order Prohibiting Offense Caused By Bias Or Prejudice
Art. 6.09
Stalking Protective Order
Art. 6.10
Educational Programs Concerning Certain Offenses Committed By Minors; Mandatory Court Attendance