Chapter 7: Proceedings Before Magistrates to Prevent Offenses

Art. 7.01
Shall Issue Warrant
Art. 7.02
Appearance Bond Pending Peace Bond Hearing
Art. 7.03
Accused Brought Before Magistrate
Art. 7.04
Form of Peace Bond
Art. 7.05
Oath of Surety; Bond Filed
Art. 7.06
Amount of Bail
Art. 7.07
Surety May Exonerate Himself
Art. 7.08
Failure to Give Bond
Art. 7.09
Discharge of Defendant
Art. 7.10
May Discharge Defendant
Art. 7.13
When the Defendant Has Committed a Crime
Art. 7.14
Art. 7.15
May Order Protection
Art. 7.16
Suit on Bond
Art. 7.17
Limitation and Procedure
Art. 7.18