Subchapter A: Duties Performed By Justices of the Peace

Art. 49.01
Art. 49.02
Art. 49.03
Powers and Duties
Art. 49.04
Deaths Requiring an Inquest
Art. 49.041
Reopening an Inquest
Art. 49.05
Time and Place of Inquest; Removal of Property and Body from Place of Death
Art. 49.06
Hindering an Inquest
Art. 49.07
Notification of Investigating Official
Art. 49.08
Information Leading to an Inquest
Art. 49.09
Body Disinterred Or Cremated
Art. 49.10
Autopsies and Tests
Art. 49.11
Chemical Analysis
Art. 49.12
Liability of Person Performing Autopsy Or Test
Art. 49.14
Inquest Hearing
Art. 49.15
Inquest Record
Art. 49.16
Orders and Death Certificates
Art. 49.17
Art. 49.18
Death in Custody
Art. 49.19
Warrant of Arrest
Art. 49.20
Requisites of Warrant
Art. 49.21
Commitment of Homicide Suspect
Art. 49.22
Sealing Premises of Deceased
Art. 49.23
Office of Death Investigator
Art. 49.24
Notification and Report of Death of Resident of Institution