Chapter 56A: Rights of Crime Victims

Subchapter A
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Crime Victims' Rights
Subchapter C
Additional Protections for Victims and Witnesses
Subchapter D
Victim Impact Statement
Subchapter E
Victim Assistance Coordinator; Crime Victim Liaison
Subchapter F
Forensic Medical Examination of Sexual Assault Victim Reporting Assault
Subchapter G
Forensic Medical Examination of Sexual Assault Victim Not Reporting Assault
Subchapter H
Presence of Advocate Or Representative During Forensic Medical Examination
Subchapter I
Required Notifications By Law Enforcement Agency
Subchapter J
Required Notifications By Attorney Representing the State
Subchapter K
Notification By Certain Entities of Release Or Escape
Subchapter L
Notification By Department of Escape Or Transfer
Subchapter M
Other Powers and Duties of Department and Clearinghouse