Chapter 11: Habeas Corpus

Art. 11.01
What Writ Is
Art. 11.02
To Whom Directed
Art. 11.03
Want of Form
Art. 11.04
Art. 11.05
By Whom Writ May Be Granted
Art. 11.051
Filing Fee Prohibited
Art. 11.06
Returnable to Any County
Art. 11.07
Procedure After Conviction Without Death Penalty
Art. 11.071
Procedure in Death Penalty Case
Art. 11.072
Procedure in Community Supervision Case
Art. 11.073
Procedure Related to Certain Scientific Evidence
Art. 11.0731
Procedures Related to Certain Previously Tested Evidence
Art. 11.074
Court-Appointed Representation Required in Certain Cases
Art. 11.08
Applicant Charged with Felony
Art. 11.09
Applicant Charged with Misdemeanor
Art. 11.10
Proceedings Under the Writ
Art. 11.11
Early Hearing
Art. 11.12
Who May Present Petition
Art. 11.13
Art. 11.14
Requisites of Petition
Art. 11.15
Writ Granted Without Delay
Art. 11.16
Writ May Issue Without Motion
Art. 11.17
Judge May Issue Warrant of Arrest
Art. 11.18
May Arrest Detainer
Art. 11.19
Proceedings Under the Warrant
Art. 11.20
Officer Executing Warrant
Art. 11.21
Constructive Custody
Art. 11.22
Art. 11.23
Scope of Writ
Art. 11.24
One Committed in Default of Bail
Art. 11.25
Person Afflicted with Disease
Art. 11.26
Who May Serve Writ
Art. 11.27
How Writ May Be Served and Returned
Art. 11.28
Return Under Oath
Art. 11.29
Must Make Return
Art. 11.30
How Return Is Made
Art. 11.31
Applicant Brought Before Judge
Art. 11.32
Custody Pending Examination
Art. 11.33
Court Shall Allow Time
Art. 11.34
Disobeying Writ
Art. 11.35
Further Penalty for Disobeying Writ
Art. 11.36
Applicant May Be Brought Before Court
Art. 11.37
Death, Etc., Sufficient Return of Writ
Art. 11.38
When a Prisoner Dies
Art. 11.39
Who Shall Represent the State
Art. 11.40
Prisoner Discharged
Art. 11.41
Where Party Is Indicted for Capital Offense
Art. 11.42
If Court Has No Jurisdiction
Art. 11.43
Presumption of Innocence
Art. 11.44
Action of Court Upon Examination
Art. 11.45
Void Or Informal
Art. 11.46
If Proof Shows Offense
Art. 11.47
May Summon Magistrate
Art. 11.48
Written Issue Not Necessary
Art. 11.49
Order of Argument
Art. 11.50
Art. 11.51
Record of Proceedings
Art. 11.52
Proceedings Had in Vacation
Art. 11.53
Construing the Two Preceding Articles
Art. 11.54
Court May Grant Necessary Orders
Art. 11.55
Meaning of "Return"
Art. 11.56
Effect of Discharge Before Indictment
Art. 11.57
Writ After Indictment
Art. 11.58
Person Committed for a Capital Offense
Art. 11.59
Obtaining Writ a Second Time
Art. 11.60
Refusing to Execute Writ
Art. 11.61
Refusal to Obey Writ
Art. 11.62
Refusal to Give Copy of Process
Art. 11.63
Held Under Federal Authority
Art. 11.64
Application of Chapter
Art. 11.65
Bond for Certain Applicants