Subchapter A: General Provisions

Art. 63.001
Art. 63.0015
Presumption Regarding Parentage
Art. 63.0016
Attempted Child Abduction By Relative
Art. 63.002
Missing Children and Missing Persons Information Clearinghouse
Art. 63.003
Function of Clearinghouse
Art. 63.004
Report Forms
Art. 63.0041
Reporting of Attempted Child Abduction
Art. 63.005
Distribution of Information
Art. 63.006
Release of Dental Records
Art. 63.007
Release of Medical Records
Art. 63.008
Missing Children Program
Art. 63.009
Law Enforcement Requirements
Art. 63.0091
Law Enforcement Requirements Regarding Reports of Certain Missing Children
Art. 63.0092
Option to Designate Missing Child As High Risk
Art. 63.010
Attorney General to Require Compliance
Art. 63.011
Missing Children Investigations
Art. 63.012
Report of Inquiry
Art. 63.013
Information to Clearinghouse
Art. 63.014
Cross-Checking and Matching
Art. 63.015
Availability of Information Through Other Agencies
Art. 63.016
Art. 63.017
Confidentiality of Certain Records
Art. 63.018
Death Certificates
Art. 63.019
School Records System
Art. 63.020
Duty of Schools and Other Entities to Flag Missing Children's Records
Art. 63.021
System for Flagging Records
Art. 63.022
Removal of Flag from Records