Subchapter B: University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth Missing Persons Dna Database

Art. 63.051
Art. 63.0515
Criminal Justice Agency
Art. 63.052
Establishment of Dna Database for Missing Or Unidentified Persons
Art. 63.053
Information Stored in Database
Art. 63.054
Comparison of Samples
Art. 63.055
Standards Collection; Storage
Art. 63.056
Collection of Samples from Unidentified Human Remains
Art. 63.057
Duty of Law Enforcement Agency to Notify Appropriate Persons Regarding Provision of Voluntary Sample
Art. 63.058
Release Form
Art. 63.059
Protocol for Obtaining Samples Relating to High-Risk Missing Persons
Art. 63.060
Submission of Sample to Center
Art. 63.061
Destruction of Samples
Art. 63.062
Art. 63.063
Criminal Penalty
Art. 63.064
Civil Penalty
Art. 63.065
Missing Persons Dna Database Fund
Art. 63.066
Backlog of Unidentified Human Remains: Advisory Committee and Outsourcing