Chapter 103: Payment, Collection, and Recordkeeping

Art. 103.001
Costs Payable
Art. 103.002
Certain Costs Barred
Art. 103.0025
Alternative Payment Procedure for Certain Past Due Fines and Costs
Art. 103.003
Art. 103.0031
Collection Contracts
Art. 103.0032
Collection Improvement Plans
Art. 103.004
Disposition of Collected Money
Art. 103.005
Report Required
Art. 103.006
Transfer of Bill of Costs
Art. 103.007
Additional Costs After Payment
Art. 103.008
Correction of Costs
Art. 103.0081
Uncollectible Fees
Art. 103.009
Fee Records
Art. 103.010
Receipt Book
Art. 103.011
Art. 103.012