Chapter 1: General Provisions

Art. 1.01
Short Title
Art. 1.02
Effective Date
Art. 1.025
Art. 1.026
Art. 1.03
Objects of This Code
Art. 1.04
Due Course of Law
Art. 1.05
Rights of Accused
Art. 1.051
Right to Representation By Counsel
Art. 1.052
Signed Pleadings of Defendant
Art. 1.053
Present Ability to Pay
Art. 1.06
Searches and Seizures
Art. 1.07
Right to Bail
Art. 1.08
Habeas Corpus
Art. 1.09
Cruelty Forbidden
Art. 1.10
Art. 1.11
Acquittal a Bar
Art. 1.12
Right to Jury
Art. 1.13
Waiver of Trial By Jury
Art. 1.14
Waiver of Rights
Art. 1.141
Waiver of Indictment for Noncapital Felony
Art. 1.15
Jury in Felony
Art. 1.16
Liberty of Speech and Press
Art. 1.17
Religious Belief
Art. 1.18
Outlawry and Transportation
Art. 1.19
Corruption of Blood, Etc
Art. 1.20
Conviction of Treason
Art. 1.21
Privilege of Legislators
Art. 1.23
Dignity of State
Art. 1.24
Public Trial
Art. 1.25
Confronted By Witnesses
Art. 1.26
Construction of This Code
Art. 1.27
Common Law Governs