Chapter 15: Arrest Under Warrant

Art. 15.01
Warrant of Arrest
Art. 15.02
Requisites of Warrant
Art. 15.03
Magistrate May Issue Warrant Or Summons
Art. 15.04
Art. 15.05
Requisites of Complaint
Art. 15.051
Requiring Polygraph Examination of Complainant Prohibited
Art. 15.06
Warrant Extends to Every Part of the State
Art. 15.07
Warrant Issued By Other Magistrate
Art. 15.08
Warrant May Be Forwarded
Art. 15.09
Complaint May Be Forwarded
Art. 15.14
Arrest After Dismissal Because of Delay
Art. 15.16
How Warrant Is Executed
Art. 15.17
Duties of Arresting Officer and Magistrate
Art. 15.171
Duty of Officer to Notify Probate Court
Art. 15.18
Arrest for Out-of-County Offense
Art. 15.19
Notice of Arrest
Art. 15.20
Duty of Sheriff Receiving Notice
Art. 15.21
Release on Personal Bond If Not Timely Demanded
Art. 15.22
When a Person Is Arrested
Art. 15.23
Time of Arrest
Art. 15.24
What Force May Be Used
Art. 15.25
May Break Door
Art. 15.26
Authority to Arrest Must Be Made Known
Art. 15.27
Notification to Schools Required