Chapter 2: General Duties of Officers

Art. 2.01
Duties of District Attorneys
Art. 2.02
Duties of County Attorneys
Art. 2.021
Duties of Attorney General
Art. 2.022
Assistance of Texas Rangers
Art. 2.023
Notification to Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Art. 2.024
Tracking Use of Certain Testimony
Art. 2.025
Special Duty of District Or County Attorney Relating to Child Support
Art. 2.03
Neglect of Duty
Art. 2.04
Shall Draw Complaints
Art. 2.05
When Complaint Is Made
Art. 2.06
May Administer Oaths
Art. 2.07
Attorney Pro Tem
Art. 2.08
Art. 2.09
Who Are Magistrates
Art. 2.10
Duty of Magistrates
Art. 2.11
Examining Court
Art. 2.12
Who Are Peace Officers
Art. 2.121
Railroad Peace Officers
Art. 2.122
Special Investigators
Art. 2.123
Adjunct Police Officers
Art. 2.124
Peace Officers from Adjoining States
Art. 2.125
Special Rangers of Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
Art. 2.126
Peace Officers Commissioned By the Alabama-Coushatta Tribe of Texas and the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas
Art. 2.127
School Marshals
Art. 2.13
Duties and Powers
Art. 2.1305
Carrying Weapon on Certain Premises
Art. 2.131
Racial Profiling Prohibited
Art. 2.132
Law Enforcement Policy on Racial Profiling
Art. 2.133
Reports Required for Motor Vehicle Stops
Art. 2.134
Compilation and Analysis of Information Collected
Art. 2.136
Art. 2.137
Provision of Funding Or Equipment
Art. 2.138
Art. 2.1385
Civil Penalty
Art. 2.1386
Eyewitness Identification Protocols
Art. 2.139
Reports Required for Officer-Involved Injuries Or Deaths
Art. 2.1395
Reports Required for Certain Injuries Or Deaths of Peace Officers
Art. 2.13951
Notice of Violation of Reporting Requirements for Certain Injuries Or Deaths; Civil Penalty
Art. 2.1396
Video Recordings of Arrests for Intoxication Offenses
Art. 2.14
May Summon Aid
Art. 2.15
Person Refusing to Aid
Art. 2.16
Neglecting to Execute Process
Art. 2.17
Conservator of the Peace
Art. 2.18
Custody of Prisoners
Art. 2.19
Report As to Prisoners
Art. 2.195
Report of Warrant Or Capias Information
Art. 2.20
Art. 2.21
Duty of Clerks
Art. 2.211
Hate Crime Reporting
Art. 2.212
Writ of Attachment Reporting
Art. 2.22
Power of Deputy Clerks
Art. 2.23
Report to Attorney General
Art. 2.24
Authenticating Officer
Art. 2.25
Reporting Certain Aliens to Federal Government
Art. 2.251
Duties Related to Immigration Detainer Requests
Art. 2.26
Digital Signature and Electronic Documents
Art. 2.27
Investigation of Certain Reports Alleging Abuse
Art. 2.271
Investigation of Certain Reports Alleging Abuse, Neglect, Or Exploitation
Art. 2.272
Law Enforcement Response to Child Safety Check Alert
Art. 2.273
Release of Child By Law Enforcement Officer
Art. 2.28
Duties Regarding Misused Identity
Art. 2.29
Report Required in Connection with Fraudulent Use Or Possession of Identifying Information
Art. 2.295
Report Required in Connection with Unauthorized Acquisition Or Transfer of Certain Financial Information
Art. 2.30
Report Concerning Certain Assaultive Or Terroristic Offenses
Art. 2.305
Report Required Concerning Human Trafficking Cases
Art. 2.31
County Jailers
Art. 2.31
County Jailers
Art. 2.31
County Jailers
Art. 2.31
County Jailers
Art. 2.32
Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogations