Chapter 16: The Commitment Or Discharge of the Accused

Art. 16.01
Examining Trial
Art. 16.02
Examination Postponed
Art. 16.03
Warning to Accused
Art. 16.04
Voluntary Statement
Art. 16.06
Counsel May Examine Witness
Art. 16.07
Same Rules of Evidence As on Final Trial
Art. 16.08
Presence of the Accused
Art. 16.09
Testimony Reduced to Writing
Art. 16.10
Attachment for Witness
Art. 16.11
Attachment to Another County
Art. 16.12
Witness Need Not Be Tendered His Witness Fees Or Expenses
Art. 16.13
Attachment Executed Forthwith
Art. 16.14
Postponing Examination
Art. 16.15
Who May Discharge Capital Offense
Art. 16.16
If Insufficient Bail Has Been Taken
Art. 16.17
Decision of Judge
Art. 16.18
When No Safe Jail
Art. 16.19
Warrant in Such Case
Art. 16.20
Art. 16.21
Duty of Sheriff As to Prisoners
Art. 16.22
Early Identification of Defendant Suspected of Having Mental Illness Or Intellectual Disability
Art. 16.23
Diversion of Persons Suffering Mental Health Crisis Or Substance Abuse Issue