Chapter 17: Bail

Art. 17.01
Definition of "Bail"
Art. 17.02
Definition of "Bail Bond"
Art. 17.025
Officers Taking Bail Bond
Art. 17.026
Electronic Filing of Bail Bond
Art. 17.03
Personal Bond
Art. 17.031
Release on Personal Bond
Art. 17.032
Release on Personal Bond of Certain Defendants with Mental Illness Or Intellectual Disability
Art. 17.033
Release on Bond of Certain Persons Arrested Without a Warrant
Art. 17.04
Requisites of a Personal Bond
Art. 17.045
Bail Bond Certificates
Art. 17.05
When a Bail Bond Is Given
Art. 17.06
Corporation As Surety
Art. 17.07
Corporation to File with County Clerk Power of Attorney Designating Agent
Art. 17.08
Requisites of a Bail Bond
Art. 17.085
Notice of Appearance Date
Art. 17.09
Duration; Original and Subsequent Proceedings; New Bail
Art. 17.091
Notice of Certain Bail Reductions Required
Art. 17.10
Disqualified Sureties
Art. 17.11
How Bail Bond Is Taken
Art. 17.12
Exempt Property
Art. 17.13
Sufficiency of Sureties Ascertained
Art. 17.14
Affidavit Not Conclusive
Art. 17.141
Eligible Bail Bond Sureties in Certain Counties
Art. 17.15
Rules for Fixing Amount of Bail
Art. 17.151
Release Because of Delay
Art. 17.152
Denial of Bail for Violation of Certain Court Orders Or Conditions of Bond in a Family Violence Case
Art. 17.153
Denial of Bail for Violation of Condition of Bond Where Child Alleged Victim
Art. 17.16
Discharge of Liability; Surrender Or Incarceration of Principal Before Forfeiture; Verification of Incarceration
Art. 17.17
When Surrender Is Made During Term
Art. 17.18
Surrender in Vacation
Art. 17.19
Surety May Obtain a Warrant
Art. 17.20
Bail in Misdemeanor
Art. 17.21
Bail in Felony
Art. 17.22
May Take Bail in Felony
Art. 17.23
Sureties Severally Bound
Art. 17.24
General Rules Applicable
Art. 17.25
Proceedings When Bail Is Granted
Art. 17.26
Time Given to Procure Bail
Art. 17.27
When Bail Is Not Given
Art. 17.28
When Ready to Give Bail
Art. 17.29
Accused Liberated
Art. 17.291
Further Detention of Certain Persons
Art. 17.292
Magistrate's Order for Emergency Protection
Art. 17.293
Delivery of Order for Emergency Protection to Other Persons
Art. 17.294
Confidentiality of Certain Information in Order for Emergency Protection
Art. 17.30
Shall Certify Proceedings
Art. 17.31
Duty of Clerks Who Receive Such Proceedings
Art. 17.32
In Case of No Arrest
Art. 17.33
Request Setting of Bail
Art. 17.34
Witnesses to Give Bond
Art. 17.35
Security of Witness
Art. 17.36
Effect of Witness Bond
Art. 17.37
Witness May Be Committed
Art. 17.38
Rules Applicable to All Cases of Bail
Art. 17.39
Records of Bail
Art. 17.40
Conditions Related to Victim Or Community Safety
Art. 17.41
Condition Where Child Alleged Victim
Art. 17.42
Personal Bond Office
Art. 17.43
Home Curfew and Electronic Monitoring As Condition
Art. 17.44
Home Confinement, Electronic Monitoring, and Drug Testing As Condition
Art. 17.441
Conditions Requiring Motor Vehicle Ignition Interlock
Art. 17.45
Conditions Requiring Aids and Hiv Instruction
Art. 17.46
Conditions for a Defendant Charged with Stalking
Art. 17.47
Conditions Requiring Submission of Specimen
Art. 17.48
Posttrial Actions
Art. 17.49
Conditions for Defendant Charged with Offense Involving Family Violence