Chapter 18A: Detection, Interception, and Use of Wire, Oral, and Electronic Communications

Subchapter A
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Application for Interception Order
Subchapter C
Issuance of Interception Order and Related Orders
Subchapter D
Interception Order for Communication By Specified Person
Subchapter E
Emergency Installation and Use of Interception Device
Subchapter F
Detection of Cellular Telephone Or Other Wireless Communications Device in Correctional Or Detention Facility
Subchapter G
Agencies and Personnel Authorized to Possess and Use Interception Devices
Subchapter H
Disclosure and Use of Intercepted Communications
Subchapter I
Use and Disposition of Applications and Orders
Subchapter J
Creation, Use, and Disposition of Recordings
Subchapter K
Violation; Sanctions
Subchapter L