Chapter 19: Organization of the Grand Jury

Art. 19.01
Selection and Summons of Prospective Grand Jurors
Art. 19.07
Extension Beyond Term of Period for Which Grand Jurors Shall Sit
Art. 19.08
Art. 19.16
Absent Juror Fined
Art. 19.18
If Less Than Sixteen Attend
Art. 19.19
Jurors to Attend Forthwith
Art. 19.20
To Summon Qualified Persons
Art. 19.21
To Test Qualifications
Art. 19.22
Art. 19.23
Mode of Test
Art. 19.24
Qualified Juror Accepted
Art. 19.25
Excuses from Service
Art. 19.26
Jury Impaneled
Art. 19.27
Any Person May Challenge
Art. 19.28
Art. 19.29
"Impaneled" and "Panel"
Art. 19.30
Challenge to "Array"
Art. 19.31
Challenge to Juror
Art. 19.315
Recusal of Juror
Art. 19.32
Summarily Decided
Art. 19.33
Other Jurors Summoned
Art. 19.34
Oath of Grand Jurors
Art. 19.35
To Instruct Jury
Art. 19.36
Bailiffs Appointed
Art. 19.37
Bailiff's Duties
Art. 19.38
Bailiff Violating Duty
Art. 19.39
Another Foreman Appointed
Art. 19.40
Art. 19.41
Art. 19.42
Personal Information About Grand Jurors