Chapter 20: Duties and Powers of the Grand Jury

Art. 20.01
Grand Jury Room
Art. 20.011
Who May Be Present in Grand Jury Room
Art. 20.012
Recording of Certain Testimony
Art. 20.02
Proceedings Secret
Art. 20.03
Attorney Representing State Entitled to Appear
Art. 20.04
Attorney May Examine Witnesses
Art. 20.05
May Send for Attorney
Art. 20.06
Advice from Court
Art. 20.07
Foreman Shall Preside
Art. 20.08
Art. 20.09
Duties of Grand Jury
Art. 20.10
Attorney Or Foreman May Issue Process
Art. 20.11
Out-of-County Witnesses
Art. 20.12
Attachment in Vacation
Art. 20.13
Execution of Process
Art. 20.14
Evasion of Process
Art. 20.15
When Witness Refuses to Testify
Art. 20.151
Certain Testimony By Video Teleconferencing
Art. 20.16
Oaths to Witnesses
Art. 20.17
How Suspect Or Accused Questioned
Art. 20.18
How Witness Questioned
Art. 20.19
Grand Jury Shall Vote
Art. 20.20
Indictment Prepared
Art. 20.21
Indictment Presented
Art. 20.22
Presentment Entered of Record