Chapter 21: Indictment and Information

Art. 21.01
Art. 21.011
Filing of Charging Instrument Or Related Document in Electronic Form
Art. 21.02
Requisites of an Indictment
Art. 21.03
What Should Be Stated
Art. 21.04
The Certainty Required
Art. 21.05
Particular Intent; Intent to Defraud
Art. 21.06
Allegation of Venue
Art. 21.07
Allegation of Name
Art. 21.08
Allegation of Ownership
Art. 21.09
Description of Property
Art. 21.10
"Felonious" and "Feloniously"
Art. 21.11
Certainty; What Sufficient
Art. 21.12
Special and General Terms
Art. 21.13
Act with Intent to Commit an Offense
Art. 21.14
Perjury and Aggravated Perjury
Art. 21.15
Must Allege Acts of Recklessness Or Criminal Negligence
Art. 21.16
Certain Forms of Indictments
Art. 21.17
Following Statutory Words
Art. 21.18
Matters of Judicial Notice
Art. 21.19
Defects of Form
Art. 21.20
Art. 21.21
Requisites of an Information
Art. 21.22
Information Based Upon Complaint
Art. 21.23
Rules As to Indictment Apply to Information
Art. 21.24
Joinder of Certain Offenses
Art. 21.25
When Indictment Has Been Lost, Etc
Art. 21.26
Order Transferring Cases
Art. 21.27
Causes Transferred to Justice Court
Art. 21.28
Duty on Transfer
Art. 21.29
Proceedings of Inferior Court
Art. 21.30
Cause Improvidently Transferred
Art. 21.31
Testing for Aids and Certain Other Diseases