Chapter 23: The Capias

Art. 23.01
Definition of a "Capias"
Art. 23.02
Its Requisites
Art. 23.03
Capias Or Summons in Felony
Art. 23.031
Issuance of Capias in Electronic Form
Art. 23.04
In Misdemeanor Case
Art. 23.05
Capias After Surrender Or Forfeiture
Art. 23.06
New Bail in Felony Case
Art. 23.07
Capias Does Not Lose Its Force
Art. 23.08
Reasons for Retaining Capias
Art. 23.09
Capias to Several Counties
Art. 23.10
Bail in Felony
Art. 23.11
Sheriff May Take Bail in Felony
Art. 23.12
Court Shall Fix Bail in Felony
Art. 23.13
Who May Arrest Under Capias
Art. 23.14
Bail in Misdemeanor
Art. 23.15
Arrest in Capital Cases
Art. 23.16
Arrest in Capital Case in Another County
Art. 23.17
Return of Bail and Capias
Art. 23.18
Return of Capias