Chapter 24: Subpoena and Attachment

Art. 24.01
Issuance of Subpoenas
Art. 24.011
Subpoenas; Child Witnesses
Art. 24.02
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Art. 24.03
Subpoena and Application Therefor
Art. 24.04
Service and Return of Subpoena
Art. 24.05
Refusing to Obey
Art. 24.06
What Is Disobedience of a Subpoena
Art. 24.07
Fine Against Witness Conditional
Art. 24.08
Witness May Show Cause
Art. 24.09
Court May Remit Fine
Art. 24.10
When Witness Appears and Testifies
Art. 24.11
Requisites of an "Attachment"
Art. 24.111
Hearing Required Before Issuance of Certain Writs of Attachment
Art. 24.12
When Attachment May Issue
Art. 24.13
Attachment for Convict Witnesses
Art. 24.131
Notification to Department of Criminal Justice
Art. 24.14
Attachment for Resident Witness
Art. 24.15
To Secure Attendance Before Grand Jury
Art. 24.16
Application for Out-County Witness
Art. 24.17
Duty of Officer Receiving Said Subpoena
Art. 24.18
Subpoena Returnable Forthwith
Art. 24.19
Certificate to Officer
Art. 24.20
Subpoena Returnable at Future Date
Art. 24.21
Stating Bail in Subpoena
Art. 24.22
Witness Fined and Attached
Art. 24.221
Affidavit Regarding Confinement
Art. 24.222
Hearing During Confinement of Witness
Art. 24.23
Witness Released
Art. 24.24
Bail for Witness
Art. 24.25
Personal Bond of Witness
Art. 24.26
Enforcing Forfeiture
Art. 24.27
No Surrender After Forfeiture
Art. 24.28
Uniform Act to Secure Attendance of Witnesses from Without State
Art. 24.29
Uniform Act to Secure Rendition of Prisoners in Criminal Proceedings