Chapter 26: Arraignment

Art. 26.01
Art. 26.011
Waiver of Arraignment
Art. 26.02
Purpose of Arraignment
Art. 26.03
Time of Arraignment
Art. 26.04
Procedures for Appointing Counsel
Art. 26.041
Procedures Related to Guardianships
Art. 26.044
Public Defender's Office
Art. 26.045
Public Defender Oversight Board
Art. 26.047
Managed Assigned Counsel Program
Art. 26.05
Compensation of Counsel Appointed to Defend
Art. 26.051
Indigent Inmate Defense
Art. 26.052
Appointment of Counsel in Death Penalty Case; Reimbursement of Investigative Expenses
Art. 26.056
Contribution from State in Certain Counties
Art. 26.057
Cost of Employment of Counsel for Certain Minors
Art. 26.06
Elected Officials Not to Be Appointed
Art. 26.07
Name As Stated in Indictment
Art. 26.08
If Defendant Suggests Different Name
Art. 26.09
If Accused Refuses to Give His Real Name
Art. 26.10
Where Name Is Unknown
Art. 26.11
Indictment Read
Art. 26.12
Plea of Not Guilty Entered
Art. 26.13
Plea of Guilty
Art. 26.14
Jury on Plea of Guilty
Art. 26.15
Correcting Name