Chapter 27: The Pleading in Criminal Actions

Art. 27.01
Indictment Or Information
Art. 27.02
Defendant's Pleadings
Art. 27.03
Motion to Set Aside Indictment
Art. 27.04
Motion Tried By Judge
Art. 27.05
Defendant's Special Plea
Art. 27.06
Special Plea Verified
Art. 27.07
Special Plea Tried
Art. 27.08
Exception to Substance of Indictment
Art. 27.09
Exception to Form of Indictment
Art. 27.10
Written Pleadings
Art. 27.11
Ten Days Allowed for Filing Pleadings
Art. 27.12
Time After Service
Art. 27.13
Plea of Guilty Or Nolo Contendere in Felony
Art. 27.14
Plea of Guilty Or Nolo Contendere in Misdemeanor
Art. 27.15
Change of Venue to Plead Guilty
Art. 27.16
Plea of Not Guilty, How Made
Art. 27.17
Plea of Not Guilty Construed
Art. 27.18
Plea Or Waiver of Rights By Videoconference
Art. 27.19
Plea By Certain Defendants