Chapter 28: Motions, Pleadings and Exceptions

Art. 28.01
Art. 28.02
Order of Argument
Art. 28.03
Process for Testimony on Pleadings
Art. 28.04
Quashing Charge in Misdemeanor
Art. 28.05
Quashing Indictment in Felony
Art. 28.06
Shall Be Fully Discharged, When
Art. 28.061
Discharge for Delay
Art. 28.07
If Exception Is That No Offense Is Charged
Art. 28.08
When Defendant Is Held By Order of Court
Art. 28.09
Exception on Account of Form Or Substance
Art. 28.10
Amendment of Indictment Or Information
Art. 28.11
How Amended
Art. 28.12
Exception and Trial of Special Pleas
Art. 28.13
Former Acquittal Or Conviction
Art. 28.14
Plea Allowed