Chapter 29: Continuance

Art. 29.01
By Operation of Law
Art. 29.011
Religious Holy Day
Art. 29.012
Religious Holy Day
Art. 29.02
By Agreement
Art. 29.03
For Sufficient Cause Shown
Art. 29.035
For Insufficient Notice of Hearing Or Trial
Art. 29.04
First Motion By State
Art. 29.05
Subsequent Motion By State
Art. 29.06
First Motion By Defendant
Art. 29.07
Subsequent Motion By Defendant
Art. 29.08
Motion Sworn to
Art. 29.09
Controverting Motion
Art. 29.10
When Denial Is Filed
Art. 29.11
Art. 29.12
Bail Resulting from Continuance
Art. 29.13
Continuance After Trial Is Begun
Art. 29.14
Consideration of Impact on Certain Victims