Chapter 31: Primary Health Care

Sec. 31.001
Short Title
Sec. 31.002
Sec. 31.003
Primary Health Care Services Program
Sec. 31.004
Sec. 31.005
Provision of Program Services By Department
Sec. 31.006
Service Providers
Sec. 31.007
Application for Services
Sec. 31.008
Eligibility for Services
Sec. 31.009
Denial, Modification, Suspension, Or Termination of Services
Sec. 31.010
Financial Eligibility; Other Benefits
Sec. 31.011
Recovery of Costs
Sec. 31.012
Sec. 31.013
Sec. 31.014
Sec. 31.015
Records and Review
Sec. 31.016
Program Plans
Sec. 31.017
Federally Qualified Health Centers
Sec. 31.018
Referral from Healthy Texas Women Program to Primary Health Care Services Program