Chapter 143: Industrial Homework

Sec. 143.001
Sec. 143.002
Employer's Permit Required
Sec. 143.003
Employer's Permit Application and Issuance; Term
Sec. 143.004
Suspension Or Revocation of Employer's Permit
Sec. 143.005
Homeworker's Certificate Required
Sec. 143.006
Homeworker's Certificate Application and Issuance; Term
Sec. 143.007
Suspension Or Revocation of Homeworker's Certificate
Sec. 143.008
Prohibition on Issuance of Permit Or Certificate
Sec. 143.009
Order Prohibiting Certain Industrial Homework; Hearing
Sec. 143.010
General Powers and Duties of Board
Sec. 143.011
Prohibition on Certain Deliveries By Employer
Sec. 143.012
Record Requirements; Investigation
Sec. 143.013
Label Requirement
Sec. 143.014
Disposition of Unlawfully Manufactured Articles
Sec. 143.015
Criminal Penalty