Chapter 146: Tattoo and Certain Body Piercing Studios

Sec. 146.001
Sec. 146.002
License Required
Sec. 146.0021
Employment of Tattooists and Body Piercers; Registration Required
Sec. 146.0025
Exemptions from Licensing Requirements; Ear Piercing Establishments Exempt
Sec. 146.003
License Application
Sec. 146.004
License Term; Renewal
Sec. 146.0041
General Grounds for Refusal
Sec. 146.0042
Revocation Or Suspension of License
Sec. 146.005
Sec. 146.006
Change of Location
Sec. 146.007
Compliance with Chapter and Rules
Sec. 146.008
Aseptic Techniques
Sec. 146.010
Sanitation Requirements
Sec. 146.011
Tools and Equipment
Sec. 146.012
Tattoos Prohibited for Certain Persons
Sec. 146.0124
Body Piercing Prohibited for Certain Persons
Sec. 146.0125
Body Piercing Prohibited Without Parental Consent; Exception
Sec. 146.0126
Tongue Splitting Prohibited
Sec. 146.013
Maintenance of Records
Sec. 146.014
Report of Infection
Sec. 146.015
Rules; Enforcement
Sec. 146.016
Sec. 146.017
License Denial, Suspension, Or Revocation
Sec. 146.018
Offense; Criminal Penalty
Sec. 146.019
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 146.020
Civil Penalty; Injunction
Sec. 146.021
Emergency Orders
Sec. 146.022
Registration Required for Tattooists and Body Piercers
Sec. 146.023
Registration Application
Sec. 146.024
Registration Term; Renewal
Sec. 146.025
Course of Instruction for Tattooists and Body Piercers; Rules; Fees