Chapter 162: Blood Banks and Donation of Blood

Sec. 162.001
Sec. 162.002
Required Testing of Blood
Sec. 162.003
Confidentiality of Blood Bank Records
Sec. 162.004
Disclosure Required By Law
Sec. 162.005
Disclosure to Certain Physicians Or Person Tested
Sec. 162.006
Disclosure to Other Blood Banks
Sec. 162.007
Report to Recipient Or Transfuser
Sec. 162.008
Procedures for Notifying Blood Recipients
Sec. 162.009
Provision of Blood Samples for Testing
Sec. 162.010
General Powers and Duties of Court
Sec. 162.011
Discovery Powers of Court
Sec. 162.012
Limitation on Liability
Sec. 162.013
Civil Penalty
Sec. 162.014
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 162.015
Donation of Blood By Persons Younger Than 18 Years of Age
Sec. 162.016
Be a Blood Donor Account; Dedication
Sec. 162.018
Brochure on Umbilical Cord Blood Options
Sec. 162.019
Duty of Certain Professionals
Sec. 162.020
Adult Stem Cell Collection