Chapter 164: Treatment Facilities Marketing and Admission Practices

Sec. 164.001
Short Title
Sec. 164.002
Legislative Purpose
Sec. 164.003
Sec. 164.004
Sec. 164.005
Conditioning Employee Or Agent Relationships on Patient Revenue
Sec. 164.006
Soliciting and Contracting with Certain Referral Sources
Sec. 164.007
Qualified Mental Health Referral Service: Definition and Standards
Sec. 164.008
Operating an Intervention and Assessment Service
Sec. 164.009
Disclosures and Representations
Sec. 164.010
Prohibited Acts
Sec. 164.011
Sec. 164.012
Sec. 164.013
Deceptive Trade Practices
Sec. 164.014
Rule-Making Authority