Subchapter A: General Provisions

Sec. 191.001
Sec. 191.0011
Reference in Other Law
Sec. 191.002
Powers and Duties of Department
Sec. 191.003
Powers and Duties of Executive Commissioner and Department
Sec. 191.0031
Certified Copies By Mail
Sec. 191.004
State Registrar
Sec. 191.0045
Sec. 191.0046
Fee Exemptions
Sec. 191.0047
Birth Information for Department of Family and Protective Services
Sec. 191.0048
Voluntary Contribution to Texas Home Visiting Program
Sec. 191.0049
Birth Record Issued to Foster Child Or Youth Or Homeless Child Or Youth
Sec. 191.005
Vital Statistics Account
Sec. 191.006
Records of Persons in Hospitals and Institutions
Sec. 191.007
Regulation By Certain Municipalities
Sec. 191.008
Sorting Collected Data
Sec. 191.009
Use of Diacritical Marks
Sec. 191.010
Death Information for Department of Public Safety