Subchapter B: Records of Births, Deaths, and Fetal Deaths

Sec. 191.021
Registration Districts
Sec. 191.022
Local Registrars
Sec. 191.023
Consolidation of County and Municipal Maintenance of Birth and Death Records
Sec. 191.024
Reports of Information
Sec. 191.025
Record Books and Certificates
Sec. 191.026
Local Records
Sec. 191.027
Review of Certificate By Local Registrar
Sec. 191.028
Amendment of Certificate
Sec. 191.029
Certificates Or Report Sent to State Registrar
Sec. 191.031
Review of Certificates By State Registrar
Sec. 191.032
State Records
Sec. 191.033
Sec. 191.034
Notation of Death on Birth Certificate
Sec. 191.036
Spanish Surname Information