Subchapter B: Powers and Duties of Department

Sec. 12.011
Appropriations, Grants, and Donations
Sec. 12.0111
Licensing Fees
Sec. 12.0112
Term of License
Sec. 12.0115
Integration of Health Care Delivery Programs
Sec. 12.012
Awarding Contracts Or Grants and Selecting Service Providers
Sec. 12.0121
Contracting for Professional Services
Sec. 12.0122
Sale of Laboratory Services
Sec. 12.0125
Drug Rebates
Sec. 12.0127
Immigration Visa Waivers for Physicians
Sec. 12.0128
Health Alert Network
Sec. 12.013
Driving and Traffic Policies
Sec. 12.014
Sec. 12.0145
Information About Enforcement Actions
Sec. 12.0146
Trends in Enforcement
Sec. 12.015
Information on Community Services
Sec. 12.016
Public Hearing Procedures
Sec. 12.018
Unannounced Inspections
Sec. 12.019
Genetic Counseling Fees
Sec. 12.020
Protection and Use of Intellectual Property