Subchapter A: General Registration Provisions

Sec. 192.001
Registration Required
Sec. 192.002
Form of Birth Certificate
Sec. 192.0021
Heirloom Birth Certificate
Sec. 192.0022
Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth
Sec. 192.003
Birth Certificate Filed Or Birth Reported
Sec. 192.0031
Information of Birth to School-Age Mother
Sec. 192.004
Information Obtained By Local Registrar
Sec. 192.005
Record of Paternity
Sec. 192.0051
Report of Determination of Paternity
Sec. 192.006
Supplementary Birth Certificates
Sec. 192.007
Supplementary Certificates for Child Who Dies Before Adoption
Sec. 192.008
Birth Records of Adopted Person
Sec. 192.009
Certificate of Adoption, Annulment of Adoption, Or Revocation of Adoption
Sec. 192.010
Change of Name
Sec. 192.011
Amending Birth Certificate
Sec. 192.012
Record of Acknowledgment of Paternity