Chapter 34: Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee

Sec. 34.001
Sec. 34.002
Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee
Sec. 34.003
Terms; Vacancy
Sec. 34.004
Sec. 34.005
Duties of Review Committee
Sec. 34.0055
Screening and Educational Materials for Substance Use and Domestic Violence
Sec. 34.006
Consultations and Agreements with Outside Parties
Sec. 34.007
Selection and Review of Cases
Sec. 34.008
Obtaining De-Identified Information for Review
Sec. 34.009
Confidentiality; Privilege
Sec. 34.010
Subpoena and Discovery
Sec. 34.011
Sec. 34.012
Database of De-Identified Information
Sec. 34.013
Inapplicability of Chapter
Sec. 34.014
Sec. 34.015
Sec. 34.0155
Report on Pregnancy-Related Deaths, Severe Maternal Morbidity, and Postpartum Depression
Sec. 34.0156
Maternal Health and Safety Initiative
Sec. 34.0158
Opioid Use Disorder Maternal and Newborn Health Initiatives
Sec. 34.0158
Report on Actions to Address Maternal Mortality Rates
Sec. 34.0159
Program Evaluations
Sec. 34.016
Sec. 34.017
Department Access to Information
Sec. 34.018
Sunset Provision
Sec. 34.019
Data Collection
Sec. 34.020
Program to Deliver Prenatal and Postpartum Care Through Telehealth Or Telemedicine Medical Services in Certain Counties
Sec. 34.021
Application for Federal Grants