Chapter 35: Children with Special Health Care Needs

Sec. 35.001
Short Title
Sec. 35.0021
Sec. 35.0022
Child with Special Health Care Needs
Sec. 35.003
Services Program for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Sec. 35.0031
Health Benefits Plan Coverage for Certain Eligible Children
Sec. 35.0032
Benefits Coverage Required
Sec. 35.0033
Health Benefits Plan Provider
Sec. 35.0034
Cost-Sharing Payments
Sec. 35.0035
Disallowance of Matching Funds from Federal Government
Sec. 35.004
Service Providers
Sec. 35.0041
Participation and Reimbursement of Telemedicine Medical Service Providers
Sec. 35.005
Eligibility for Services
Sec. 35.006
Denial, Modification, Suspension, Or Termination of Services
Sec. 35.0061
Referral for Behavioral Or Emotional Conditions
Sec. 35.007
Financial Eligibility; Other Benefits
Sec. 35.008
Recovery of Costs
Sec. 35.009
Sec. 35.010
Sec. 35.011
Sec. 35.012
Sec. 35.013
Limitations on Authority