Chapter 245: Abortion Facilities

Sec. 245.001
Short Title
Sec. 245.002
Sec. 245.003
License Required
Sec. 245.004
Exemptions from Licensing Requirement
Sec. 245.004
Exemptions from Licensing Requirement
Sec. 245.005
License Application and Issuance
Sec. 245.006
Sec. 245.007
Sec. 245.009
Adoption of Rules
Sec. 245.010
Minimum Standards
Sec. 245.0105
Unique Identifying Number; Disclosure in Advertisement
Sec. 245.011
Physician Reporting Requirements; Criminal Penalty
Sec. 245.0115
Sec. 245.0116
Department Report
Sec. 245.012
Denial, Suspension, Probation, Or Revocation of License
Sec. 245.013
Sec. 245.014
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 245.015
Civil Penalty
Sec. 245.016
Abortion in Unlicensed Abortion Facility to Prevent Death Or Serious Impairment
Sec. 245.017
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 245.018
Report Recommending Administrative Penalty
Sec. 245.019
Hearing; Order
Sec. 245.020
Notice and Payment of Administrative Penalty; Judicial Review; Refund
Sec. 245.021
Penalty Deposited to State Treasury
Sec. 245.022
Recovery of Costs
Sec. 245.023
Public Information; Toll-Free Telephone Number
Sec. 245.024
Compliance with Certain Requirements Regarding Sonogram Before Abortion
Sec. 245.025
Human Trafficking Signs Required