Chapter 260A: Reports of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Residents of Certain Facilities

Sec. 260A.001
Sec. 260A.002
Reporting of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
Sec. 260A.003
Contents of Report
Sec. 260A.004
Anonymous Reports of Abuse, Neglect, Or Exploitation
Sec. 260A.005
Telephone Hotline; Processing of Reports
Sec. 260A.006
Sec. 260A.007
Investigation and Report of Department
Sec. 260A.008
Sec. 260A.009
Sec. 260A.010
Privileged Communications
Sec. 260A.011
Central Registry
Sec. 260A.012
Failure to Report; Criminal Penalty
Sec. 260A.013
Bad Faith, Malicious, Or Reckless Reporting; Criminal Penalty
Sec. 260A.014
Retaliation Against Employees Prohibited
Sec. 260A.015
Retaliation Against Volunteers, Residents, Or Family Members Or Guardians of Residents
Sec. 260A.016
Reports Relating to Deaths of Residents of an Institution
Sec. 260A.017
Duties of Law Enforcement; Joint Investigation