Subchapter C: Powers and Duties

Sec. 262.021
General Powers
Sec. 262.022
Acquisition, Operation, and Lease of Hospitals
Sec. 262.0225
Authority to Borrow Money
Sec. 262.023
Sec. 262.024
Management Agreement
Sec. 262.025
Sec. 262.026
Rates for Hospital Services
Sec. 262.027
Sec. 262.028
Eminent Domain
Sec. 262.029
Gifts and Endowments
Sec. 262.030
Medical Records
Sec. 262.031
Sale of Property; General Provisions
Sec. 262.032
Sale of Property to Political Subdivision
Sec. 262.033
Sale Or Closing of Hospital
Sec. 262.0331
Expenditure of Funds for Public Health Initiatives After Sale Or Closing of Hospital
Sec. 262.034
Facilities and Services for Elderly and Disabled
Sec. 262.035
Powers and Duties of Certain Hospital Authorities; Lease
Sec. 262.036
Retirement Benefits
Sec. 262.037
Establishment of Nonprofit Corporation
Sec. 262.038
Hospital Authority Contracts, Collaborations, and Joint Ventures
Sec. 262.039
Investment of Authority Funds