Chapter 285: Special Provisions Relating to Hospital Districts

Subchapter A
Payment of Hospital District Operating Expenses in Certain Populous Counties
Subchapter B
Parking Stations Near Hospitals in Counties of at Least 1.5 Million
Subchapter C
Appointment of Tax Assessor and Collector in Hospital Districts Created Under Constitution
Subchapter D
Sale, Lease, Or Closing of Hospital
Subchapter E
Sales and Use Tax to Lower Ad Valorem Taxes
Subchapter F
Liability of Nonprofit Management Contractor
Subchapter G
Terms of Members of Governing Board
Subchapter H
Contracts, Collaborations, and Joint Ventures
Subchapter I
Long-Term Care and Related Facilities
Subchapter J
Write-in Voting in Election for Board Members
Subchapter K
Dissolution of Hospital District
Subchapter L
Sales and Use Tax to Raise Revenue for Districts in Small Counties
Subchapter M
Regulation of Services
Subchapter N
Change in Rate of Ad Valorem Taxes
Subchapter O
Nonprofit Corporation Created Or Formed By DISTRICT
Subchapter Z
Miscellaneous Provisions