Subchapter A: Hospital Laundry Cooperative Associations

Sec. 301.001
Sec. 301.002
Creation of Hospital Laundry Cooperative Association
Sec. 301.003
Articles of Incorporation
Sec. 301.004
Use of Public Funds Prohibited
Sec. 301.005
Membership; Membership Privileges; Expulsion of Members
Sec. 301.006
Membership Not Required
Sec. 301.007
Powers of Hospital Laundry Cooperative Association
Sec. 301.008
Cost of Services
Sec. 301.009
Bonds, Notes, Or Other Obligations
Sec. 301.010
Bonds As Investments
Sec. 301.011
Bonds As Security for Deposits
Sec. 301.012
Liability to Creditors
Sec. 301.013
Tax Exemption
Sec. 301.014
Annual Report
Sec. 301.015
Surplus Revenue
Sec. 301.016
Loans to Members Prohibited