Chapter 323: Emergency Services for Survivors OF SEXUAL ASSAULT

Sec. 323.001
Sec. 323.0015
Safe-Ready Facilities
Sec. 323.002
Plan for Emergency Services
Sec. 323.003
Rejection of Plan
Sec. 323.004
Minimum Standards for Emergency Services
Sec. 323.0044
Provision of Emergency Services to Certain Adult Sexual Assault Survivors
Sec. 323.0045
Basic Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence Collection Training
Sec. 323.005
Information Form
Sec. 323.0051
Information Form for Sexual Assault Survivors at Certain Facilities
Sec. 323.0052
Information Form for Sexual Assault Survivors Who Have Not Reported Assault
Sec. 323.006
Sec. 323.007
Sexual Assault Survivors Who Are Minors
Sec. 323.008
Data Publication