Subchapter C: Sanitary Standards of Drinking Water; Protection of Public Water Supplies and Bodies of Water

Sec. 341.031
Public Drinking Water
Sec. 341.0315
Public Drinking Water Supply System Requirements
Sec. 341.0316
Desalination of Marine Seawater for Drinking Water
Sec. 341.032
Drinking Water Provided By Common Carrier
Sec. 341.033
Protection of Public Water Supplies
Sec. 341.034
Licensing and Registration of Persons Who Perform Duties Relating to Public Water Supplies
Sec. 341.035
Approved Plans Required for Public Water Supplies
Sec. 341.0351
Notification of System Changes
Sec. 341.0352
Advertised Quality of Water Supply
Sec. 341.0353
Drinking Water Supply Comparative Rating Information
Sec. 341.0354
Highway Signs for Approved System Rating
Sec. 341.0355
Financial Assurance for Certain Systems
Sec. 341.0356
Order to Stop Operations
Sec. 341.0357
Identification Requirement for Device with Appearance of Fire Hydrant That Is Nonfunctioning Or Unavailable for Use in Fire Emergency
Sec. 341.03571
Identification Requirement for Certain Fire Hydrants and Flush Valves in Certain Municipalities
Sec. 341.0358
Public Safety Standards
Sec. 341.03585
Fire Hydrant Flow and Pressure Standards in Certain Municipalities
Sec. 341.0359
Fire Hydrant Flow Standards
Sec. 341.036
Sanitary Defects at Public Drinking Water Supply Systems
Sec. 341.037
Protection of Bodies of Water from Sewage
Sec. 341.038
Protection of Impounded Water from Disease-Bearing Mosquitoes
Sec. 341.039
Standards for Graywater and Alternative Onsite Water
Sec. 341.040
Sec. 341.041
Sec. 341.042
Standards for Harvested Rainwater
Sec. 341.046
Nonapplicability of Subchapter F
Sec. 341.047
Criminal Penalty
Sec. 341.048
Civil Enforcement
Sec. 341.0485
Water Utility Improvement Account
Sec. 341.049
Administrative Penalty
Sec. 341.050
Penalties Cumulative