Subchapter D: Sanitation and Safety of Facilities Used By Public

Sec. 341.061
Toilet Facilities
Sec. 341.062
Public Buildings
Sec. 341.063
Sanitation of Bus Line, Airline, and Coastwise Vessel
Sec. 341.064
Swimming Pools, Artificial Swimming Lagoons, and Bathhouses
Sec. 341.0645
Pool Safety
Sec. 341.065
School Buildings and Grounds
Sec. 341.066
Tourist Courts, Hotels, Inns, and Rooming Houses
Sec. 341.067
Fairgrounds, Public Parks, and Amusement Centers
Sec. 341.068
Restroom Availability Where the Public Congregates
Sec. 341.069
Access to Restroom Facilities
Sec. 341.0695
Interactive Water Features and Fountains