Chapter 361: Solid Waste Disposal Act

Subchapter A
General Provisions
Subchapter B
Powers and Duties of Commission
Subchapter C
Subchapter D
Industrial Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Generation, Facility, and Management; Fees and Funds
Subchapter E
Powers and Duties of Local Governments
Subchapter F
Registry and Cleanup of Certain Hazardous Waste Facilities
Subchapter I
Enforcement; Administrative Orders Concerning Imminent and Substantial Endangerment
Subchapter J
Enforcement; Emergency Order; Corrective Action
Subchapter K
Appeals; Joinder of Parties
Subchapter L
Cost Recovery
Subchapter M
Removal and Remedial Action Agreements
Subchapter N
Waste Reduction Programs; Disposal Fees
Subchapter O
Lead-Acid Batteries
Subchapter Q
Pollution Prevention
Subchapter R
Use of Land Over Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Subchapter S
Medical Waste; Criminal Penalties
Subchapter S
Voluntary Cleanup Program
Subchapter T
Fiduciary Liability
Subchapter U
Lender Liability
Subchapter V
Immunity from Liability of Innocent Owner Or Operator
Subchapter W
Municipal Setting Designations
Subchapter X
County Programs for Cleanup and Economic Redevelopment of Brownfields
Subchapter Y
Computer Equipment Recycling Program
Subchapter Z
Television Equipment Recycling Program